We all know, Dubai is known for its luxury tourism & If you want to add something adventurous in your book of experiences, then you must go for this thrilling venture “the Desert Safari” organized by VIP desert tours. Mainly, Desert Safari timings are from 08:00am to 11:00pm (tour lasts from 4 to 18 hours). Visitors can get a chance to be amused by all the activities from early morning till late-night.

hummer desert safari

Morning Desert Safari timings:

In the great Arabian Desert, you explore various slots of activities managed by the authorities in a sophisticated manner so that you do not endure an unease while sojourning. Another tremendous experience you can witness there is Sunrise, you just can’t imagine the sight it gives in the eminent desert & the way people cherish doing photography at sunrise desert safari because of its significant ambiance. Morning Desert Safari timings commence from 08:00am and lasts for 3 to 4 hours, you are picked up from the location on 4/4 land cruiser to twitch the session of activities in the start of the day. Morning Desert Safari embraces various relaxation activities like Sand Boarding, camel ride, hot air balloon, camel farm visit, Dune Bashing with flavorsome traditional cuisine.

Morning Desert Safari charges you 250 AED for one individual.

Evening Desert Safari Timings:

Evening desert safari usually lasts for 7 hours and visitors get back to their lodges around 09:00pm to 10:00pm. Mainly, Evening Desert Safari revolve around the sunset timings, but with a bumpy estimate Evening Desert Safari timings starts from 03:00pm to 09:00pm. Being at evening desert safari, how can you let go the sunset view! you can admire the disappearing sun & praise the colors of nature in such a distinguished domain of Sand dunes. It gives you an opportunity to scrutinize variety of pursuits e.g. Dune Driving, Sunset Photography, Camel Ride, Belly Dance, Fire Show & Tanura Show, Henna Painting along with traditional costumes and Arabic flavors.

You are required to satisfy 250 Dirhams for single entry.

Beautiful view of camels on the desert captured at day light.

Overnight Desert Safari Timings:

Explore the magic of desert culture through the intoxicating dunes and different amusing activities on this great Overnight Desert Safari. Get your heart pounding by diving into some exercises like Camel Safari, Sand Boarding, Belly Dance, bonfires & fire shows with BBQ dinner. You can campout in the middle of Arabian Desert inside traditional tents with a view of star flecked sky. Overnight Desert Safari Timings normally start late at night, it is basically an extended evening safari excursion which lasts for 18 hours.

VIP Desert Tours give you a chance to explore the Arabian desert’s venture in 400 AED only, for one person.

Private Desert Safari Timings:

You can opt to be on a Private Desert Safari tour, with a separate vehicle & an expert guide, it lets you experience great desert’s beauty and serenity without any nuisance. Desert Safari Dubai bestow you with an irresistible tour for families, couples and small groups to spend an intimate time here at Arabian Desert. Private Desert Safari time starts from 09:00am till 10:00pm

Here you can experience Morning Desert Safari, Evening Desert Safari and Overnight Desert Safari in your own soothing and composed environment. You will be charged 800 AED/per car.

Hummer Desert Safari Dubai:

You can call Hummer Desert Safari as VIP Desert Safari tour. In this great desert, let’s grab the fanciful opportunity to cherish every moment in Hummer. You will be picked up from the hotel on Hummer to proceed to the distinguished exploration of Desert Safari including the activities like Dune Bashing (45-50minutes red high dunes), camel ride, Quad Bike, Sunset photography.


Tuck into a mouth-watering BBQ feast& international buffet accompanied by seven light-hearted live shows in the row. It costs 1500 AED/per car and lasts for four hours.

Family Desert Safari:

Planning to have a trip with your loved ones? Just give it a thought of Visiting desert safari with your family & you won’t regret planning to befall off Desert Safari Dubai.

Here, you get to enjoy happenings e.g. Sand Boarding, Dune Bashing, Morning, Evening & Overnight Desert Safari, Camel Riding, VIP Hummer tour, Hot air balloon, Sand Skiing, Dune Buggy Riding and Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner.

Desert Safari Belly Dance:

A consummate dance performance can also be a part of your safari’s journey. You need to book for the show in advance. You would Surely praise the vast ordering of the Desert Safari Belly Dance venue along with the performers. Belly dance performance is usually for 20 to 30 minutes & you can also enjoy BBQ Dinner with live belly dance, belly dance show is basically ordered at night.

Dubai Private Adventures:

At Dubai Private Adventure, VIP desert tours ensure that people visiting the land of Sindbad would return with unusual & unforgettable experience. We believe that it’s the right of visitors to have fun and thrilling exposure with us at Desert Safari Dubai.

In Dubai private adventures, you have customized options for the visitors to this great desert, we whole heartedly value visitor’s privacy and intimacy with their families and hence we offer privileges considering admired visitors.

A must have exposure of Desert Safari Dubai awaits for you, you can book your tour with us. As we “VIP Desert tours” promise you to provide pleasant & feasible atmosphere here in the great Arabian Sand dunes. Desert Safari Dubai grabbed attention of huge population around the globe, many people across the world book us to have this distinctive experience with our company VIP Desert Tours. Desert Safari Dubai ensures you to give a unique vibe because of its environment, ambiance and the variety of activities. As stated by Mr. Robert Edison Fulton Jr,

“The Desert tells a different story every time one ventures on it.”


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