Choosing a dress code for dubai desert safari must be wise considering all the aspects of morning desert safari, and evening desert safari. After having my first exposure to desert safari, I gained various important ideas about how to dress for desert safari.

How to Dress for Dubai Desert Safari

Being a visitor to Muslim country, you need to be modest in your outfit selection. Choose loose and penetrable dresses. So, your body does not suffocate and your skin can exhale. Choose the fabric of your dress wisely and accordingly. Cotton, silk, and lawn are comfortable and breathable. Male and female desert safari outfit ideas include loose cotton shirts trousers or cotton shorts, jumpsuits, jeans, leggings, Bermuda shorts, skirts, maxi, sleeved tops, comfortable trousers, and a hat with a broad brim as baseball caps don’t cover ears and neck area. You can opt for sparkling blouses, loose cotton tees, jumpsuits, playsuits, palazzos, and culottes.

You have to follow the UAE dress code if you are wearing a playsuit or jumpsuit, wear a jacket or blouse on it so here. Now the other main thing is what you are wearing on your feet. According to my experience sneakers, trainers and walking shoes are suitable. Sandals and flip-flops are not recommended.

Morning Desert Safari
Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari:

Many people adore the morning desert safari tour to unveil its wilderness and dazzling experience because of the reason that it has different sights in the morning with the glooming light rays illuminating the sand. Sun gets brutal in summers and the temperature in hot months flutters above 48 degrees Celsius. Those who are not summer-friendly should be vigilant. One should choose light colour clothes as light colours reflect the heat and darker ones absorb it.

Evening Desert Safari
Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari:

Evening desert safari is a spellbinding experience for adventure seekers. In the evening people also go for an evening desert safari ride to witness mesmerizing views of the sunset. It’s hot when the sun is overhead but in the evening, it’s a bit colder than the day in summers too. You can wear the same clothes in the evening e.g. half sleeves T-shirts, playsuit, and jumpsuit but also keep a jacket, light shawl, and warm clothes with you as well to safeguard from the cold evening.

Extra Wear for Desert Safari:

You should carry some supplementary accessories in your hand carry like sunscreen (to avoid sun tan), lip balm (lips could be dry), a camera (to catch breath-taking views), wet tissues, a water bottle (stay hydrated), sunglasses, and hat for shade (broad-brimmed, bucket hats with wide brim). If you are inclined to motion sickness take some medicines along with you.

Avoid These in Dubai Desert Safari:

On should not wear jewellery, expensive watches, and cell phones as there are no signals at the camps

Clothing in UAE :

Clothing in UAE is not too outrageous, normal clothing is justifiable. Women don’t need to cover their head or face with a scarf or something else in public, although Muslim women specifically gulf Arabs cover themselves according to their religious and cultural values. In respect of UAE culture, it is preferred to cover yourself from shoulders to knees. Thawb is the cultural dress for men in UAE. Other than this, any combination of T-shirts and shorts is acceptable. When visiting a mosque, men and women are bound to cover themselves following their religious boundaries.

Do women have to cover up in Dubai?

Women don’t need to cover up in Dubai it is their own choice. Many women foreigners visiting Dubai wear outfits of their ease and interest like jeans, sleeveless shirts, T-shirts, miniskirts, tank tops, shorts, sarees, shalwar, kameez, and dupatta but the foreigners are also bound to cover their heads with a scarf if they are visiting the holy places.

How to dress in Dubai as a tourist:

The general guideline to dress in Dubai as a tourist in public is to choose an outfit that covers your shoulders and knees. It’s good for you to abstain from wearing too revealing and tight dresses in public places.

camel desert safari dubai
Camel desert safari dubai

Camel ride outfit in Dubai Desert Safari:

Camel desert safari dubai is the most appealing and enchanting venture to explore the Dubai deserts known as the ships of deserts and is the oldest mode of transportation. Just keep in mind Camel ride outfits should be loose, full sleeves, and stretchable, and for summers lightweight and light-coloured clothes are most preferred. If you go for a camel trekking tour, it’s a 30-minute long thrilling trip. Keep yourself covered to protect your body from sun tan from pitiless sunrays. Sunscreen is a good friend in a hot climate. You should cover yourself with it to make a shield from ultraviolet rays, choose a non-greasy sunscreen. Wear socks to avoid itchiness.


Among all life tours, Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most remarkable adventures of my life. I recommend you to walk in to witness a desert safari. Which is splashed with several activities and eye-catching views of the sunset, the beautiful sunset is worth looking at, and the Dubai desert gives it the most wondrous shades. There are different companies for availing the best deals on morning desert safari, and evening desert safari. All of these come with a variety of experiences, and VIP desert Tours Company gives you a great opportunity. To explore the great desert with feasible and affordable deals.

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