Dubai is blessed with a sweeping desert outlook with striking sand drift. This desert anticipates a close look at the lifestyle of native people from classical is a nest of the most beautiful deserts with some modernized luxuries, adventure activities, and much more with a blend of nature, traditions, and entertainment.

A Dubai desert safari location is perfect for an exceptional tour experience in Dubai. Dubai deserts are known for adventurous activities like belly dancing, dune bashing, camel riding, entertainment shows, and much more.

The desert tells a different story every time one venture into it.

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Where is the safari desert?

Dubai is famous for best safari deserts.There are many different locations of safari desert in UAE. The most visited deserts are Al Aweer desert, Al Lahbab desert, Al Maha, Liwa desert, Jabel Maleihah, Jabel Ali desert resort, Bidayer, and Al Faya all the deserts are worth visiting.

How far is a desert safari from Dubai?

There are several locations you can enjoy your desert safari in Dubai. Whereas Dubai lies within the Arabian desert and other deserts are located at some distance from Dubai. The point is how many desert safaris are there and how far they are from Dubai. The interspace of Dubai Mall and the desert is 37 km and the distance from the road is 54.7 km..

The following deserts are located at some distance from Dubai are: 

  • Al Aweer desert 

It is located 37 km ahead of Dubai 

  • Al Lahab Desert

This desert is named after a small village name it is located almost 50km outside Dubai.

  • Al Maha

Also known as “Big Red” it is popular for its color transitions from yellow to red after hours are astonishing.

  • Liwa desert

It is the highest drift in the kingdom positioned in the neighborhood of Rab Al Khali.

  • Jabel Maleihah

This desert is close to the road linking Sharjah and Kalba.

  • Jabel Ali desert resort

It is a bit pricey place it is located157km away from Dubai.

  • A Faya Desert

It is 50 minutes far from Dubai.Rub Al Khali.

  • Rub Al Khali

It takes two and a half hours from Abu Dhabi. it is the most massive desert in the world.

How much does a desert safari cost in Dubai?

budget is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are planning any trip. Desert safari cost in Dubai varies from agency to agency and the package they offer, however, we can just provide the idea of the standard rates for these safaris, the lowest standard desert safari cost per person starts from 30 AED to 1000 AED.

The cost varies from the conveyance, number of individuals in your group, number of days of stay, and other activities included in your package. However, on weekdays prices are low as the number of tourists is moderate, special discount packages are also offered by many tourist companies.

Desert safari trip in a private car costs around 1800 AED.

  • Morning Desert safari

For those who prefer early morning is a 2-hour trip that includes camel riding, dune bashing, etc USD 44 and USD 38. Quad biking on this trip costs an extra amount.

  • Evening desert safari

This is a six-hour-long event including dinner and other activities.

  • Jeep Safari Dubai 

A trip on a jeep or land cruiser on dunes is an insane experience that costs around USD 48 and USD 42

  • Hummer desert safari 

Traveling in a hummer is also a fanatic experience. hummer travels in the region of mighty dunes. Costs around AED 399 for adults and 299 for kids.

  • Camel riding 

With the ship that sails on deserts, you can enjoy the slow ride of the ship of deserts sailing on a shining golden path. A camel ride is a wonderful and unforgettable experience one could ever have. You can have a wide look enjoying the nature and beauty of the desert moving slowly. The trip costs USD 68 per adult and USD$ 48 per child. 

  • Dune buggy quad bike 

   It costs around USD 99 for adults and USD 69 for kids,

  • Private hillock dinner

Is a special package for individuals who want a muffled dinner under the roof of sparkling stars. It starts from AED 950.

Dubai Desert Safari

Is Safari a Desert?

The word Safari is derived from the Arabic word “Safar” which means to, make an expedition to the desert. Safari is also used in terms of hunting wild animals in Africa, but desert safari is quite different as it refers to a journey made in the desert. 

 So, safari is not a desert it is an expedition toward the desert. Desert safari lets you probe the unexplored deserts with a trustworthy guide there is no fear of becoming camel’s food so “do the dew”

What is Desert Safari Dubai?

Desert safari Dubai is a phenomenal and rip-roaring site for the day-trippers to get hypnotized in the twilight and to get hooked on the golden sand. To relish nature’s delicacy in different expressions. Every bit of nature is astounding and has its captivation.

If you pursue a whole desert safari, VIP desert company is the best selection. Enjoy the off-road dune bashing thrill on a 4×4 land cruiser, sandboarding and much more.

Of all the paths you take make sure a few of them are through the desert.

Desert Safari Dubai


Life is also an expedition to a station. A life without expeditions is a life unlived. Trips are necessary to freshen up your minds from the very hectic schedule. Men is becoming a machine in the modern era, so it is essential to get relax by exploring beautiful nature. 

Dubai Desert safari is a very different place to visit and enjoy different amusing adventures. “So, if you have Wanderlust don’t ever miss the chance to explore the desert dust”

 VIP desert tour offers you exceptional packages and services. Your trip relay on the company and package you choose so choose wisely. There are many desert locations to explore, and Every desert has its charm and attraction a good guide can make your trip exceptional and unforgettable.

“The desert is so huge, and the horizon so distant, that they make a person feel small, and as if he should remain silent.” Paulo Coelho

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